Our Vision

'Delivering Excellence’ is our central organising thought. Vet clinic in dubai - ветклиника в дубае safa veterinary clinic in dubai vetdubai.com.

From the start in 1994 - our founder Denys C. Shortt OBE aimed to create "businesses of excellence focussed on customer needs"

Delivering Excellence is a challenge we need to live up to every day in everything we do. It is the embodiment of the promise we make to our customers who are at the heart of our business.

In today’s competitive environment our customers are looking to us to deliver the best. When we do, we build enduring relationships and we create lifetime loyalty with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

As the emphasis shifts towards transparency and high standards of governance and ethics, the integrity of our brand demonstrates our commitment to providing the right products to drive economic and social development in a responsible way.

Our Brand Promise

Delivering excellence

Reality - we see things as they are and not as we wish them to be.  We are Customer centric and we strive to deliver growth, efficiency and profit to our Customers.

Culture - our business has a leadership culture. We aim to promote from within and offer our people the opportunity to lead our business.

Trust – never assume trust, we must earn it, each and every day. Trust is awarded by our customers, our suppliers, our employees and the community around us. We cannot build strong relationships amongst ourselves or with our community without it.

Deliver – we are only as good as our last success. Believing that we are good, is not good enough, our customers and suppliers must share our belief. They should benefit from our successes and recognise that what we say.... we do.

Excellence – this must be our standard. A way of life, the way that we operate. Believing that whatever we do today can always be bettered.


Our Values

Respect - At DCS we respect our customers, our suppliers, our employees and everyone and everything around us.  Our respect for our employees, the environment around us and our community is utmost.

Reliability – our customers trust us implicitly. We are committed to delivering the very best products and to responding to the needs of those we work for and with and quickly. Whatever we do will be at a high standard and provide value for money.

When our customers and colleagues look us in the eye, they must feel assured that we can always be relied upon to do what we say we will do, to be focussed on their needs and to be driven to create the right solutions for them.

Integrity – at the heart of the way we operate and behave and also in the quality of the products and services we deliver.

Our knowledge and experience combined with integrity gives us a competitive edge. Our openness and honesty encourages strong and profitable partnerships with suppliers and customers alike.

Innovation, Creativity and Design – is at the heart of everything we do.

We must all strive to be open minded and flexible in our work. Our forward thinking culture will create a well-managed and contemporary organisation that is always seeking to improve.

Never be content to be part of the crowd, our ability to encourage new ideas and adopt creative solutions will stand us apart from our competitors