Innovation & Creativity

At DCS we ensure that Innovation & Creativity are at the very heart of our business. Spiel Automaten

Even our Boardroom has been converted into an  "Innovation Centre" - photo above.

Some lessons we have learned :

Meet with customers and suppliers in the Innovations Centre - being in the room ignites new ideas. 

Encourage experimentation and embrace failure as learning. Employees do not fear losing their job if an idea does not work. 

Bold ideas are important and can fail. Try bold ideas which have a high chance of failure - they also have a high chance of major change and maybe success. 

The market place is not always ready for new ideas - ideas can be shelved and brought back if the market has changed.

We especially get excited if things are "outside the box" - ideas where others may not want to venture. This is where some major change can happen.


New LED lighting

DCS History wall

B&Q Osram fixture