Our values

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DCS is a family business started only fairly recently in 1994 by entrepreneur Denys Shortt. http://appliancerepair-sd.com average Appliance repair.

Understanding and addressing sustainability is in the long term self-interest of every business.

We realise at DCS that being sustainable at every level is key to the survival of a business and indeed society.

Environmental sustainability is about reducing waste and increasing efficiency and this is something we focus on at DCS through our continuous improvement policies.

Business simply cannot thrive in a society that fails, so it is in the long-term interest of every business to build healthy and vibrant societies which are economically strong.

For any business to become more sustainable, it needs to understand where its major impacts occur, and where it has the biggest opportunity for improvements. At DCS we look at both the products or services that the company provides.

Technological innovation is vital and our strength here is our company Enable Software. We are continually improving systems and learning from the best in the world at how to do things better.

We aim also to contribute to the sustainability of the cities and towns where we operate - though improvements in the environmental performance of our lorries making deliveries, our fleet of low-emission Bluemotion VW Golfs that visit our customers and our headquarters in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Social responsibility is often the first area mentioned for corporate involvement in sustainability and it is a vital area for DCS.

Our company, our employees, our customers and our suppliers are important parts of the community in which we operate. That is why we support healthcare, sports, education and the arts, and through the ‘volunteering' efforts of our employees.

Ultimately, businesses which deliver the most valuable sustainability initiatives are those that look at what their company does, as well as how it does it.

The ‘how' is important - aiming to be more efficient and responsible across a company's operations - but by interrogating the ‘what,' you can leverage the value delivered to society.

At DCS we take a broad approach to sustainability and we aim to be beneficial to the environment, beneficial to society, and beneficial to ourselves, now and in the future.